Why Celebrity Drunk Driving Makes The News

Do you remember all of those stories about Justin Bieber driving under the influence? Of course, you do because they appeared in news sources across the United States. It happens every once in a while. There is one “out of control” young celebrity who cannot seem to stay out of the news for getting in trouble for DUIs, drinking underage, drug abuse, etc. Why do these stories always make it into the news? What is so important about Justin Bieber’s DUI that makes it headline material?

One possibility is that news publications are publishing these stories about young celebs driving under the influence to catch the attention of readers and to make them think twice about driving while drunk. A lot of people who decide to drive after having a couple of beers do so thinking that they will not be caught. Maybe seeing that even celebrities get pulled over for DUIs and are punished for their illegal, and dangerous actions will send the right message to readers and convince them that it is not worth it to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Another reason that popular news publications may decide to publish these stories about celebrities who are caught driving under the influence is to show readers how stupid you look when you drive drunk. This is another hopeful reason for these stories because one would hope that news publications would use their large audience reaches for good purposes. Have you ever heard someone say, “Wow, Justin Bieber looks great in his DUI mugshot,” or “I feel bad for the guy. He was probably barely over the legal limit and was driving perfectly fine”? You are more likely to hear people talk about how stupid he was for driving drunk and how bad he looked. Maybe by seeing how horribly people respond to a celeb’s DUI, it will discourage people even more from the offense.

The real reason most news sources probably publish these stories about celebrities driving while drunk is because they will get a lot of people interested in the stories. People will click on the stories on their Facebook newsfeed, share the stories on Twitter, and discuss the stories on Reddit. That is the sad thing about news these days. It is all centered around how big your audience is and how much traffic you are getting to your website.

Drive Safe Options

What would be a much better story, at least in my opinion, would be one about how to encourage more people to get a safe ride home rather than taking the risk of driving home under the influence. Celebrities of all people can afford an Uber or a cab ride home, so why do they still drive home after drinking? Maybe someone should do a story about some of the factors that influence parties to actually make the right decision and call a cab for a safe ride home.

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